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Create a Marketing Plan that Incorporates Social PR

Create A Social Media PR Stragegy That Works For You - Social Sage PR

Create a Marketing Plan that Incorporates Social PR Perhaps, you’re a small business owner or solopreneur that understands the nature of marketing and public relations and is prepared to invest in using social media to enhance the visibility of your […]

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How to Get Into the Mind of Your Potential Clients

Total Social PR System

Does the thought of figuring out your keywords or how to use search engine optimization (SEO) make you cringe? I am going to share a way to get you started that will not be scary, cost a bundle or require […]

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There is always good…

My son at the 9/11 Memorial

The Silver Lining The events of the past week have made me really stop and take inventory, take a good hard look at what is really important in both my business and my personal life. As a born and bred […]

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10 Simple Facebook Strategies for Better Engagement

facebook wrong

Some businesses create their Facebook Pages and think their job is done.  The truth is… it’s just beginning! But your Facebook Page will never get off the ground unless you initiate and encourage interaction between yourself (or your official Admin) […]

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10 Simple Twitter Strategies for Better Engagement


Twitter is often misunderstood, but give it a chance, once you see the power of 140 characters you will be hooked. It is the easiest and fastest way to connect with people. Done right it will give you a birdseye […]

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Media Kits and More

alert the media

Do I Really Need a Media Kit? I am often asked do I really need a media kit. Will anyone actually read it? The answer is YES! Keep reading and you will know exactly what a media kit is, why […]

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30 Ways to Figure Out What to Say


Blogs, social media, websites, newsletters, feel like you are saying the same thing over and over? Can’t figure out how to say the same thing in a unique and different way? Almost everyone who writes experiences this frustration.  Here is […]

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Social Sharing is the New SEO


What makes Google sit up nowadays is the sharing capacity and performance of a site – not backlinks.  In fact, Google now penalizes backlinks from exact anchor text and boosts sites in the ranks if their content is fresh, original, […]

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Tips For Creating A Kicka** Facebook Page

FB Question

It’s not an option, if you have a business you need to be on Facebook. With 1 billion users, your target market and potential clients are bound to be there somewhere… So creating your Facebook Page is important and should […]

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Do You Use Hashtags? You should.


Most people discover hashtags quite early in their Twitter journey.  And many more ignore them till much, much later, when their Twitter habits are set and established.  If you are new to this unique social network, you need to know […]

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