Social Focus: Free 3-Part Video Series

Smart Social Media

HootSuite Social Media

Social media has changed the way business is done. Small business owners have access to a level of research and business intelligence that we never had access to before, In the past, pre-Twitter, this type of information was only available […]

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Don’t Fear Keywords

keyword phrases

NO Not Keywords Most business owners shy away from incorporating keywords into their online content due to a number of factors mostly lack of understanding, bad investments with snake oil SEO specialists, or knife through the heart fear… It’s time to […]

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Rewards of Building a Community

Fox & Friends

It has been a busy and emotional few weeks for me. My team and I have been heads down working on a complimentary training webinar in addition to a total redesign and launch of our signature program the Total Social PR System™. […]

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Do You Tweet Chat?

tweet chat

The Twitterverse is buzzing about livestreaming on Periscope and Blab…. But I am going old school and want to focus this post on tweet chats.  If you are not currently participating in chats read on and learn more about how […]

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Land Media with Free Resources

Yes and no as glossy green and red bulbs isolated

What Happens When You Land Media Landing media for your small business can grow your visbility in a very targeted way and introduce you to vast new audiences of people that you never knew existed. Think about what might occur if […]

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Build a Community on Facebook

Group of People Discussing Social Media

Make Your Facebook Fan Page a Relationship Hub A Facebook Fan Page is one of the best ways to develop a virtual community around your business due to the enormous popularity of Facebook itself. Although Facebook likes to limit who […]

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Social Media Is All About Connecting With People

Social Sage PR

Social Media is no longer optional Whether you are part of a huge corporation or are a small business owner, you may have come to the realization that a social media presence is no longer optional. It’s an integral part of the […]

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PR, Advertising and Social Media

More Magazine

Why PR and Advertising are different I am going to start with a popular business quote and one of my favorites: #Advertising is what you pay for, #publicity is what you pray for – unknown Click To Tweet This is […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

Total Social PR System

Yes this actually happened….. About two months ago I shared a media opportunity with the members of my Social PR Club™, which is part of my online group program the Total Social PR System™…. A blogger and author, Dr. Colleen […]

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Book Marketing 101


Think Outside the Bookstore How about a book signing event? When you think of a book signing, do you picture a bespectacled author sitting at a table in the back of a bookstore, patiently waiting for customers to notice her? […]

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